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    Review of Richard Bernstein Beyond Objectivism and Relativism: Science, Hermeneutics and Praxis
    Telos: Critical Theory of the Contemporary 63 (Spring): 223-227. 1985.
    Bernstein's recent book examines the extensive debate on the nature of human rationality. He suggests that this debate is beginning to converge — from the varying perspectives of philosophy of science, hermeneutics, sociology, anthropology, and moral and political philosophy — on a new conception of rationality. This new conception breaks with the standard opposition between objectivism and relativism, the terms in which the debate has previously been conducted. His reading of the debate attempt…Read more
  • SARKAR, Husain: "A Theory of Method" (review)
    Australasian Journal of Philosophy 63 (2): 244-245. 1985.
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    Ontological Commitments of Ethics and Economics
    Economic Thought 2 (1): 1-19. 2013.
    This paper analyses the cognitive image schemas structuring the ontological commitments of dominant conceptions of ethics and economics to show that the content of economics is implicated in conceptions of ethics, and that these conceptions cannot be separated from questions of research and professional ethics. This analysis of the metaphoric structuring of the ontological commitments of ethics and economics is based on an extension of Kuhn's construct sense of 'paradigm' as concrete analogy; an…Read more
  • Richard Bernstein, "Beyond Objectivism and Relativism"
    Telos: Critical Theory of the Contemporary 63 (Spring): 223-227. 1985.
  • SHAPERE, Dudley: "Reason and the Search for Knowledge" (review)
    Australasian Journal of Philosophy 63 (4): 558-560. 1985.