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    Becoming Animal in Michel de Montaigne’s Views. Toward an Animal Community
    Dialogue and Universalism 24 (1): 87-102. 2014.
    It is a recent tendency to read certain pre- and early-modern thinkers as “anticipatory critics” of modernity; the name of Michel de Montaigne often comes up in this context. Most of the critical approaches treat Montaigne like a pre-Rousseau proto-romantic which is indeed is an important part of Montaigne’s thinking. However, as I show in this paper, his Essays also allow for a different interpretation. Namely, I demonstrate that 1) Montaigne’s appraisal of Nature is far from a romantic-idyllic…Read more
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    In The Inoperative Community Jean-Luc Nancy suggests that his conception of speech as the cornerstone of community can be likened to the image of two Inuit women engaging in traditional vocal games (katajjaq). This article (1) elucidates this connection through the analysis of ethnographic and ethnomusicological data on katajjaq; (2) shows how the similarity of this image to that of two resonating lyres present in the works of the Renaissance philosopher Marsilio Ficino can be used to understand…Read more
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    Three Spheres of Catatonia in the Works of Gilles Deleuze
    Eidos. A Journal for Philosophy of Culture 4 (2): 90-101. 2020.
    The text traces the development of the notion of catatonia in the work of Gilles Deleuze across three spheres – the individual, social and literary. The need for an analysis is based on the author’s perception that Deleuze thought on catatonia and slowness has been undervalued in many interpretations ; the recognition, in works of sociologists such as Hartmut Rosa, of the adverse effects of social acceleration. In the individual sphere, catatonia is the effect of a radical withdrawal into anti-p…Read more
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    This book reexamines the concept of the animal on the plane of immanence, as opposed to the traditional viewpoint founded on the plane of transcendence. Following Deleuze and Guattari’s notion that philosophy is a discipline of creating concepts, this book traces how the concept of the animal was created in the history of philosophy through re-reading the works of Descartes, Kant, Heidegger, Derrida and Levinas. Their theories show that the concept of the animal was constructed on the "plane of …Read more
  • Ateizm. Próba dokończenia projektu (edited book)
    with Szymon Wróbel
    DiG. 2018.
    Książka Ateizm. Próba dokończenia projektu rozwija swego rodzaju;narrację” o pojęciu ateizmu, jego filozoficznym życiorysie, miejscu w kulturze zachodniej, apogeum w okresie rewolucji francuskiej, powrocie w XX-wiecznym „nowym ateizmie” i – w tym szerokim kontekście – jego niewielkiej kulturowo roli w Polsce. Jej wagę filozoficzną i intelektualną podkreśla aktualność ze względu na obecną polityczną, kulturową i religijną sytuację nie tylko w Polsce, która wręcz prosi o tego typu dyskusję, a nawe…Read more