•  352
    Minding the Gap: Bias, Soft Structures, and the Double Life of Social Norms
    Journal of Applied Philosophy (2): 190-210. 2018.
    We argue that work on norms provides a way to move beyond debates between proponents of individualist and structuralist approaches to bias, oppression, and injustice. We briefly map out the geography of that debate before presenting Charlotte Witt’s view, showing how her position, and the normative ascriptivism at its heart, seamlessly connects individuals to the social reality they inhabit. We then describe recent empirical work on the psychology of norms and locate the notions of informal inst…Read more
  •  76
    Epistemic Responsibility and Implicit Bias
    In Erin Beeghly & Alex Madva (eds.), Introduction to Implicit Bias. pp. 174-190. 2020.
    A topic of special importance when it comes to responsibility and implicit bias is responsibility for knowledge. Are there strategies for becoming more responsible and respectful knowers? How might we work together, not just as individuals but members of collectives, to reduce the negative effects of bias on what we see and believe, as well as the wrongs associated with epistemic injustice? To explore these questions, Chapter 9 introduces the concept of epistemic responsibility, a set of practic…Read more
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    The construction of human kinds (review)
    Philosophical Psychology 31 (1): 143-146. 2018.