University of California, Los Angeles
Department of Philosophy
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Areas of Interest
Feminist Philosophy
  •  1
    Pacific Resistance: A Moral Alternative to Defensive War
    Social Theory & Practice 44 (1): 1-20. 2018.
    It is widely believed that some wars are just, and that the paradigm case of a just war is a defensive war. A familiar strategy used to justify defensive war is to infer its permissibility from the case of self-defensive killing. I show, however, that the permission to defend oneself does not justify killing, but instead calls for nonviolent resistance. I conclude that on the account of self-defense I develop, the appropriate way to respond to a war of aggression is not by prosecuting a defensiv…Read more
  •  42
    Hoping for Peace
    Australasian Journal of Philosophy 98 (2): 211-221. 2020.
    When the odds of achieving world peace seem so long, do hopes for peace amount to anything more than wishful thinking? In this paper, I introduce the idea of meaningful hope, which can help us to u...