Williamsport, Pennsylvania, United States of America
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    The Situation of New Religious Studies in Vietnam
    with Truong Van Chung
    Tattva - Journal of Philosophy 8 (1): 45-60. 2016.
    There is a prominent phenomenon in the religious life of Vietnam, which is the emergence of “new religions”. These phenomena have not only made the religious space of the nation more complex and multi-dimensional but also challenged stability and sustainable development within the religious communities in this key economic region. Having studied the new religious phenomenon in recent years, we have noted its progress and widespread characteristics within the ethnic communities. While it may appe…Read more
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    On the Deterministic Horn Fragment of Test-free PDL
    In Marcus Kracht, Maarten de Rijke, Heinrich Wansing & Michael Zakharyaschev (eds.), Advances in Modal Logic, Csli Publications. pp. 373-392. 2006.
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    On the Deterministic Horn Fragment of Test-free PDL
    In Guido Governatori, Ian Hodkinson & Yde Venema (eds.), Advances in Modal Logic, Volume 6, Csli Publications. pp. 373-392. 2006.
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    Modal logic programming revisited
    Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics 19 (2): 167-181. 2009.
    We present optimizations for the modal logic programming system MProlog, including the standard form for resolution cycles, optimized sets of rules used as meta-clauses, optimizations for the version of MProlog without existential modal operators, as well as iterative deepening search and tabulation. Our SLD-resolution calculi for MProlog in a number of modal logics are still strongly complete when resolution cycles are in the standard form and optimized sets of rules are used. We also show that…Read more
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    ExpTime Tableau Decision Procedures for Regular Grammar Logics with Converse
    with Andrzej Szałas
    Studia Logica 98 (3): 387-428. 2011.
    Grammar logics were introduced by Fariñas del Cerro and Penttonen in 1988 and have been widely studied. In this paper we consider regular grammar logics with converse ( REG c logics) and present sound and complete tableau calculi for the general satisfiability problem of REG c logics and the problem of checking consistency of an ABox w.r.t. a TBox in a REG c logic. Using our calculi we develop ExpTime (optimal) tableau decision procedures for the mentioned problems, to which various optimization…Read more
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    A serial context-free grammar logic is a normal multimodal logic L characterized by the seriality axioms and a set of inclusion axioms of the form □tφ→□s1…□skφ. Such an inclusion axiom corresponds to the grammar rule t → s1… sk. Thus the inclusion axioms of L capture a context-free grammar . If for every modal index t, the set of words derivable from t using is a regular language, then L is a serial regular grammar logic. In this paper, we present an algorithm that, given a positive multimodal l…Read more