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    A Brief History of the Philosophy of Time, by Adrian Bardon (review)
    Philosophy of Science 82 (1): 152-155. 2015.
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    The Dynamic Block Universe and the Illusion of Passage
    In Adrian Bardon, Valtteri Arstila, Sean Power & Argiro Vatakis (eds.), The Illusions of Time: Philosophical and Psychological Essays on Timing and Time Perception, Palgrave-macmillan. 2019.
    The passage of time seems to be a fundamental aspect of experience. However, most descriptions of the passage of time itself are incompatible with the four-dimensional block universe model of space and time, in which time is extended like space, and all states of affairs exist equally and eternally in this varied tapestry of space and time. The tension between temporal passage and the block universe seems to leave one with the option of either abandoning the block universe in favor of a metaphys…Read more