Boston College
Department of Philosophy
PhD, 2013
Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America
Areas of Specialization
Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy
Aristotle: Actuality and Potentiality
Aristotle: Physics
Environmental Ethics
Aristotle: Matter and Material Change
Aristotle: Causation
Aristotle: Chance
Aristotle: Place
Aristotle: Motion of Animals
Aristotle: On the Soul
Aristotle: On Generation and Corruption
Aristotle: Matter and Elements
Aristotle: Substance
Aristotle: The Zeta Problem
Aristotle: Form and Matter
Aristotle: Substantial Forms
Aristotle: Metaphysics Zeta
Aristotle: Metaphysics Eta
Aristotle: Metaphysics Theta
Aristotle: Mathematical Objects
Aristotle: Dialectic
Aristotle's Works: The Physics
Aristotle and Other Philosophers, Misc
Aristotle: Predication
Aristotle: Principles
Plato: Meno
Plato: Sophist
Plato: Symposium
Plato: Theaetetus
Plato: Protagoras
Plato: Timaeus
Plato: Republic
Plato: Phaedrus
Plato: Collection and Division
Plato: Myths
Plato: Dialectic
Plato: Why Dialogues?
Plato: Elenchos
Plato: Interpretive Strategies
Plato: Imitation
Plato: Beauty
Plato: Poetry
Plato: The Good
Plato: Natural Science
Plato: Cosmology
Plato: Teleology
Plato: Eros
Plato: Theory of Recollection
Plato: Philosophy of Mind, Misc
Plato: Immortality of the Soul
Plato: Predication
Plato: Truth
Plato: Meaning
Plato: Meno's Paradox
Plato: Definition
Plato: Expertise
Plato: One and Many
Plato: Change
Zeno of Elea
Martin Heidegger
Husserl: Phenomenology
Maurice Merleau-Ponty
Jean-Paul Sartre
Simone de Beauvoir
Henri Bergson
Hannah Arendt
Nietzsche: The Gay Science
Nietzsche: Genealogy of Morals
Nietzsche: Beyond Good and Evil
Nietzsche: Time, Being and Becoming
Nietzsche: Teleology
Nietzsche: Nihilism
Nietzsche: Truth
Intrinsic Environmental Value
Instrumental Environmental Value
Environmental Cost-Benefit Analysis
Climate Change
Technology Ethics, Misc
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Mark Sentesy is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Loyola University Maryland. His research centers on the philosophy of nature, ontology, anthropology, and technology. He has published on the concept of time, physics, metaphysics, epistemology, political ontology, technology, and language, and his book Aristotle's Ontology of Change was published in 2020 by Northwestern University Press.