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    The Aesthetic Regime of Politics
    Azimith. Philosophical Coordinates in Modern and Contemporary Age 2 (I): 137-149. 2013.
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    Claude Lefort: Thinker of the Political
    Palgrave Macmillan. 2013.
    This is the first English language volume to offer such a wide-ranging scholarly and intellectual perspective on Claude Lefort. It constitutes the most comprehensive attempt to reconstruct Lefort's engagement with his theoretical interlocutors as well as his influence on today's democratic thought and contemporary continental political philosophy.
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    This study uses new arguments to reinvestigate the relation between aesthetics and politics in the contemporary debates on democratic theory and radical democracy. First, Carl Schmitt and Claude Lefort help delineate the contours of an aesthetico-political understanding of democracy, which is developed further by studying Merleau-Ponty, Rancière, and Arendt. The ideas of Merleau-Ponty serve to establish a general "ontological" framework that aims to contest the dominant currents in contemporar…Read more
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    Political Horizons in America
    Social Imaginaries 4 (2): 71-86. 2018.
    In this paper, I go back to French philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s influence on Claude Lefort’s theory of democracy in order to offer a revised understanding of political regimes as coexisting and competing horizons of politics. These horizons develop from differing positions regarding the political enigma of the institution of society—its staging, its shaping, and its making sense of itself. A theological understanding of such political institution of society will be described as fundamenta…Read more
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    Our element: Flesh and democracy in Merleau-Ponty
    Continental Philosophy Review 45 (2): 235-259. 2012.
    Although Merleau-Ponty’s early phenomenology of perception and his essays on art, politics, and language already showed an affinity between the aesthetic phenomena of expression and style and the political and cultural dynamics of society at large, this paper specifically focuses on his late theorizing of the notion of flesh and its relevance to his late understanding of politics and democracy. The emergence of flesh as a concept was contemporary to Merleau-Ponty’s break with Marxism as a philos…Read more
  • The goal of this dissertation is to generate a theoretical perspective and a political vocabulary capable of giving an account of political action proper in the context of modern democracy. The first step is that of tracing back to the origins of the theory and practice of modern democracy the appearance of the features that gave shape to the institutional constellation we now understand as democratic politics. This looking back from the perspective of the main institutions of contemporary democ…Read more
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    Democracy and Terror
    Constellations 12 (2): 173-181. 2005.
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    Divided Power in Space and Time
    Constellations 16 (2): 280-294. 2009.
  • Critical Theory and Democracy: Essays in Honour of Andrew Arato (edited book)
    with Enrique Peruzzotti and Andrew Arato
    Routledge. 2012.
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    Divided power in space and time
    Constellations 16 (2): 280-294. 2009.
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