University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Doctoral Program In Social Work and Social Science
PhD, 2003
Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America
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  •  329
    The article presents an original needs-based partial theory of human injustice and shows its relationship to existing theories of human need and human liberation. The theory is based on an original typology of three social structural sources of human injustice, a partial theorization of the mechanisms of human injustice, and a needs-based theorization of the nature of human injustice, as experienced by individuals. The article makes a sociological contribution to normative social theory by clari…Read more
  •  100
    Lessons from Learning the Craft of Theory-Driven Research
    Proceedings of the American Sociological Association 2010. 2010.
    This article presents a case study of the structure and logic of the author’s dissertation, with a focus on theoretical content. Designed for use in proposal writing seminars or research methods courses, the article stresses the value of identifying the originating, specifying and subsidiary research questions; clarifying the subject and object of the research; situating research within a particular research tradition, and using a competing theories approach. The article stresses the need to ide…Read more
  •  1372
    The moment of microaggression: The experience of acts of oppression, dehumanization and exploitation
    Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment 27 (7-8): 575-586. 2016.
    After a brief introduction and review of recent literature on microaggressions, a theoretical typology of three sources of social injustice (oppression, dehumanization, and exploitation) contributes to the theorization of the sources of microaggressions. A selected compendium of words and affective phrases generated in classroom exercises illustrates the nature of the experience of the moment of microaggression. Future research on microaggressions as well as evaluation of practice should examine…Read more
  •  767
    Human Needs (Annotated Bibliography)
    In Edward Mullen (ed.), Oxford Bibliographies Online: Social Work, Oxford University Press. 2016.
    Social work has long been concerned with the respective roles of the social work profession and the social welfare system in addressing human needs. Social workers engage in needs assessment together with client systems. They provide and advocate for the needs of clients, as well enabling and empowering clients and communities to address their needs. They also advocate for social welfare benefits and services and overall social policies that take human needs into account. However, explicit ethic…Read more
  •  3581
    Human Needs: Overview
    Oxford//NASW Encyclopedia of Social Work. 2016.
    Human need and related concepts such as basic needs have long been part of the implicit conceptual foundation for social work theory, practice, and research. However, while the published literature in social work has long stressed social justice, and has incorporated discussion of human rights, human need has long been both a neglected and contested concept. In recent years, the explicit use of human needs theory has begun to have a significant influence on the literature in social work.