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    A game-theoretic analysis on the use of indirect speech acts
    Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics 28 (2-3): 280-296. 2018.
    In this paper, I will discuss why in some circumstances people express their intentions indirectly: the use of Indirect Speech Acts. Based on Parikh’s games of partial information and Franke’s IBR model, I develop game-theoretic models of ISAs, which are divided into two categories, namely non-conventional ISAs and conventional ISAs. I assume that non-conventional ISAs involve two types of communication situations: communication under certain cooperation and that under uncertain cooperation. I w…Read more
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    Analysis of a penny-shaped crack in a magneto-electro-elastic medium
    with F. Yang and T. Liu
    Philosophical Magazine 86 (28): 4397-4416. 2006.
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    3D OCT imaging in clinical settings: toward quantitative measurements of retinal structures
    with R. J. Zawadzki, A. R. Fuller, D. F. Wiley, S. S. Choi, B. A. Bower, B. Hamann, J. A. Izatt, and J. S. Werner
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    Love, a concept revered across cultures and time, holds multifaceted meanings and roles in human experience. Plato, in his dialogues Symposium and Phaedrus, offers profound insights into the nature of love. However, Plato’s conception of love has been subject to criticism, with many viewing it as selfish, objectifying, and lacking in interpersonal connections. Central to these criticisms is the question of whether the lover’s affection for the beloved persists after grasping the concept of true …Read more
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    Adaptive-optics optical coherence tomography for high-resolution and high-speed in vivo retinal imaging
    with R. J. Zawadzki, S. Choi, S. Laut, J. S. Werner, S. M. Jones, S. S. Olivier, B. A. Bower, and J. A. Izatt
    We have combined Fourier-domain optical coherence tomography with a closed-loop Adaptive Optics system. The AO-OCT instrument has been used for in vivo retinal imaging. High-lateral resolution of our AO-OCT system allows visualization of the microscopic retinal structures not accessible by standard OCT instruments. © 2005 SPIE and OSA.
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    © 2015 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Cell fragments devoid of the nucleus and major organelles are found in physiology and pathology, for example platelets derived from megakaryocytes, and cell fragments from white blood cells and glioma cells. Platelets exhibit active chemotaxis. Fragments from white blood cells display chemotaxis, phagocytosis, and bactericidal functions. Signaling mechanisms underlying migration of cell fragments are poorly understood. Here we used fish keratocyte fragments and dem…Read more
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    Characteristics of tropical cyclones in high-resolution models in the present climate
    with S. J. da ShaevitzCamargo, A. H. Sobel, J. A. Jonas, D. Kim, A. Kumar, T. E. Larow, Y. K. Lim, H. Murakami, K. A. Reed, M. J. Roberts, E. Scoccimarro, P. L. Vidale, H. Wang, M. F. Wehner, and N. Henderson
    © 2014. The Authors.The global characteristics of tropical cyclones simulated by several climate models are analyzed and compared with observations. The global climate models were forced by the same sea surface temperature fields in two types of experiments, using climatological SST and interannually varying SST. TC tracks and intensities are derived from each model's output fields by the group who ran that model, using their own preferred tracking scheme; the study considers the combination of …Read more