Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Department Of Philosophy
  • In the Sphere of the Personal: New Perspectives in the Philosophy of Persons (edited book)
    with Simon Smith, James Beauregard, Richard Prust, Mackenzie Lefoster, Philippe - Edner Apostol - Marius, Juan Manuel Burgos, Lawrence J. Nelson, Robert G. Fiedler, Brian J. Buckley, Robert F. Devall Jr, Mark C. R. Smith, Jeffrey M. Jackson, Rolf Ahlers, Denis Larrivee, and Moeller Carol
    Vernon Press. 2016.
    The papers in this collection were originally presented at the 13th International Conference on Persons, held at the University of Boston in August 2015. This biennial event, founded by Thomas O. Buford and Charles Conti in 1989, attracts a host of international scholars, both the venerable and the aspiring. It is widely regarded as the premier event for those whose research concerns the philosophical tradition known as ‘personalism’. That tradition is, perhaps, best known today in its American …Read more
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    The Eros and Tragedy of Peace in Whitehead’s Philosophy of Culture
    Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism 23 (1): 93-122. 2015.
    One of the most intriguing and underappreciated aspects of Alfred North Whitehead’s philosophy is his treatment of peace as a civilizational aim of culture. The problem of peace is the subject in the final chapter of Whitehead’s Adventures of Ideas. It is considered along with the other four qualities of civilized societies, “Adventure, Art, Beauty, and Truth.” Although his analysis is driven by examples from Western and Christian history, respectively, the treatment of peace developed is not li…Read more