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    Anarchist Responses to a Pandemic: The COVID-19 Crisis as a Case Study in Mutual Aid
    with Mark Lance
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    Two things have been striking in the US response to the COVID-19 pandemic: the chaos, incompetence, irrationality, and often cruel misguidedness of the centralized government response; and the rationality, care, and effectiveness of grassroots measures in many parts of the country. In this paper we focus on the latter—especially the case of Washington, DC—to illustrate core features of anarchist politics. We do not argue for the correctness of any version of anarchist politics here, but merely i…Read more
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    Deleuze and Ethics (edited book)
    with Daniel Warren Smith
    Edinburgh University Press. 2011.
    Deleuze Connections Series Editor: Ian Buchanan Eleven top Deleuze scholars reclaim Deleuzian philosophy as moral philosophy Ethics plays a crucial, if subtle, role in Gilles Deleuze's philosophical project. Michel Foucault claimed that Anti-Oedipus was `a book of ethics, the first book of ethics to be written in France in quite a long time'. But what is the nature of the immanent ethics that is developed in Deleuze's thought? How does it differ from previous conceptions of ethics? And what path…Read more
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    New Perspectives on Anarchism (edited book)
    with Shane Wahl
    Lexington Books. 2009.
    The study of anarchism as a philosophical, political, and social movement has burgeoned both in the academy and in the global activist community in recent years. Taking advantage of this boom in anarchist scholarship, Nathan J. Jun and Shane Wahl have compiled twenty-six cutting-edge essays on this timely topic in New Perspectives on Anarchism.
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    Anarchism: A Conceptual Approach
    with Benjamin Franks
    Routledge. 2018.
    Anarchism is by far the least broadly understood ideology and the least studied academically. Though highly influential, both historically and in terms of recent social movements, anarchism is regularly dismissed. Anarchism: A Conceptual Approach is a welcome addition to this growing field, which is widely debated but poorly understood. Occupying a distinctive position in the study of anarchist ideology, this volume ¿ authored by a handpicked group of established and rising scholars ¿ investigat…Read more
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    _Brill’s Companion to Anarchism and Philosophy_ offers a broad thematic overview of the relationship between anarchism and philosophy.
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    Revolutionary Hope: Essays in Honor of William L. McBride (edited book)
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    Over the course of the last four decades, William Leon McBride has distinguished himself as one of the most esteemed and accomplished philosophers of his generation. This volume—which celebrates the occasion of his seventy-fifth birthday—includes contributions from colleagues, friends, and formers students and pays tribute to McBride’s considerable achievements as a teacher, mentor, and scholar
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