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    Just War and Administrative Personnel in the Private Military Industry
    Journal of Military Ethics 14 (2): 146-161. 2015.
    ABSTRACTI argue that, according to just war theory, those who work as administrative personnel in the private military industry can be permissibly harmed while at work by enemy combatants. That is, for better or worse, a just war theorist should consider all those who work as administrative personnel in the private military industry as either: individuals who may be permissibly restrained with lethal force while at work; or individuals who may be harmed by permissible attacks against their workp…Read more
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    In the Critique of the Power of Judgment, Immanuel Kant proposes a puzzling account of the experience of the beautiful: that aesthetic judgments are both subjective and speak with a universal voice. 1 These properties – the subjective and the universal – seem mutually exclusive but Kant maintains that they are compatible if we explain aesthetic judgment in terms of the mind’s a priori structure, as explicated in his earlier Critique of Pure Reason. Kant advances two major claims towards arguing …Read more
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    Nietzsche and "the Birth of Tragedy"
    Acumen Publishing. 2013.
    A student commentary and guide to Nietzsche's first work, The Birth of Tragedy. Nietzsche's philosophy - at once revolutionary, erudite and deep - reaches into all spheres of the arts. Well into a second century of influence, the profundity of his ideas and the complexity of his writings still determine Nietzsche's power to engage his readers. His first book, The Birth of Tragedy, presents us with a lively inquiry into the existential meaning of Greek tragedy. We are confronted with the idea tha…Read more