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    Globalizing Justice: The Ethics of Poverty and Power
    Oxford University Press UK. 2010.
    Richard Miller presents a bold new program for international justice. He argues for new standards of responsible conduct by governments, firms, and individuals in developed countries, to govern trade, investment, environmental policy, and the use of force. He offers an urgently needed strategy for moving humanity toward genuine global co-operation.
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    In a wide-ranging inquiry Richard W. Miller provides new resources for coping with the most troubling types of moral conflict: disagreements in moral conviction, conflicting interests, and the tension between conscience and desires. Drawing on most fields in philosophy and the social sciences, including his previous work in the philosophy of science, he presents an account of our access to moral truth, and, within this framework, develops a theory of justice and an assessment of the role of mora…Read more
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    Truth in Beauty
    American Philosophical Quarterly 16 (4). 1979.
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    Ancient Japanese Nobility: The Kabane Ranking System
    with Felicia G. Bock
    Journal of the American Oriental Society 97 (4): 579. 1977.