• My Meeting with Paul Tillich: "Estranged and Re-United"
    Toronto Journal of Theology 30 (2): 301-306. 2014.
    Forty-nine years ago, an eighteen-year-old Harvard undergraduate asked Paul Tillich whether his recent vision was religious ecstasy, a conversion experience, or an enlightenment. The student had handed his essay, "The Phenomenological Proof of God," to Tillich. Two days later the young man was hospitalized as a schizophrenic. Ever since, the author has attempted to understand the relationships between religious revelation, mystical ecstasy and psychosis. If his beatific vision was a hallucin…Read more
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    Le concept de Kairos dans la théologie de Paul Tillich et dans le Nouveau Testament grec
    Revue D'Histoire Et de Philosophie Religieuses 77 (3): 301-307. 1997.
    This article proposes a new interpretation of the concept of Kairos in Paul Tillich's theology. It suggests that Tillich gave it exactly the same meaning as that of the Greek New Testament, i.e. the propitious moment in history for the advent of the Son of Man. Tillich's writings offer indications of the metaphysical qualities of this mysterious character.