•  15
    The Nature of Silence and Its Democratic Possibilities
    with Mónica Brito Vieira, Theo Jung, and Sean W. D. Gray
    Contemporary Political Theory 18 (3): 424-447. 2019.
  • Imperious Temptations: Democratic Legitimacy and Indigenous Consent in Canada
    Canadian Journal of Political Science. forthcoming.
  •  14
    Back to the rough ground: Textual, oral and enactive meaning in comparative political theory
    European Journal of Political Theory 147488511879528. 2018.
    The emerging field of comparative political theory seeks to expand our understanding of politics through intercultural dialogues between diverse systems of political thought. CPT acknowledges...
  •  250
    The deliberative systems approach is a recent innovation within the tradition of deliberative democratic theory. It signals an important shift in focus from the political legitimacy produced within isolated and formal sites of deliberation (e.g., Parliament or deliberative mini-publics), to the legitimacy produced by a number of diverse interconnected sites. In this respect, the deliberative systems (DS) approach is better equipped to identify and address defects arising from the systemic influe…Read more
  •  509
    The binary between the figure of the child and the fully human being is invoked with regularity in analyses of race, yet its centrality to the conception of race has never been fully explored. For most commentators, the figure of the child operates as a metaphoric or rhetorical trope, a non-essential strategic tool in the perpetuation of White supremacy. As I show in the following, the child/human binary does not present a contingent or merely rhetorical construction but, rather, a central featu…Read more
  •  843
    Feral Children: Settler Colonialism, Progress, and the Figure of the Child
    Settler Colonial Studies 8 (1): 60-79. 2018.
    Settler colonialism is structured in part according to the principle of civilizational progress yet the roots of this doctrine are not well understood. Disparate ideas of progress and practices related to colonial dispossession and domination can be traced back to the Enlightenment, and as far back as ancient Greece, but there remain unexplored logics and continuities. I argue that civilizational progress and settler colonialism are structured according to the opposition between politics governe…Read more