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    Pluralist Internationalism in our Time
    Les ateliers de l'éthique/The Ethics Forum 8 (2): 53-61. 2013.
    In his 2012 book On Global Justice, Mathias Risse makes an invaluable contribution to the literature on theories of global justice. In this paper, I offer a critique of the fourth and final part of the book, entitled “Global Justice and Institutions,” which deals with the standing of the state within the pluralist internationalism defended by the author. My focus here is on the justification of the state system and the discussion on utopian ideals. I agree with Risse that the state remains the i…Read more
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    The grounds for global solidarity have been theorized and conceptualized in recent years, and many have argued that we need a global concept of solidarity. But the question remains: what can motivate efforts of the international community and nation-states? Our focus is the grounding of solidarity with respect to global inequities in health. We explore what considerations could motivate acts of global solidarity in the specific context of health migration, and sketch briefly what form this kind …Read more
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    The cosmopolitan scope of republican citizenship
    Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 6 (1): 135-154. 2003.
    This essay aims to show that republicanism does not necessarily preclude the notion of cosmopolitan citizenship. The first part challenges the belief that republican citizenship must be tied to a nationalist reading, therefore reducing its cosmopolitan extension to a mere metaphor. Having argued that the political attributes and philosophical account of the notion of citizenship evolve according to the historical transformation of political communities, our contemporary era renders the notion of…Read more
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    This article aims to demonstrate how the impact of humanitarian crises on health outcomes is related to social justice issues, even when these crises are brought upon by natural disasters. Pre-existing inequalities between individuals and social groups within a community affect in important and complex ways the health disparities which result from natural disasters. Drawing on the thought-provoking work of Paul Farmer, my main hypothesis is that socio-political factors prior to natural disasters…Read more
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    Ryoa Chung
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    Domination and destitution in an unjust world
    Canadian Journal of Philosophy 35 (sup1): 311-334. 2005.
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    Ethical questions identified in a study of local and expatriate responders’ perspectives of vulnerability in the 2010 Haiti earthquake
    with Evelyne Durocher, Christiane Rochon, Jean-Hugues Henrys, Catherine Olivier, and Matthew Hunt
    Journal of Medical Ethics 43 (9): 613-617. 2017.
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    Penser avec Iris Marion Young
    Ithaque 20 69-75. 2017.
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    Perspectives féministes en éthique des relations internationales
    Les Ateliers de L’Ethique 3 (2): 104-117. 2008.
    Dans le cadre de cet article, je veux démontrer la nécessité de développer et d’incorporer les perspectives féministes dans le champ de l’éthique des relations internationales à travers l’examen des contributions respectives de J. A. Tickner, C. MacKinnon, S. Ruddick et M. Nussbaum. Mon hypothèse générale consiste à arguer que la force critique des perspectives féministes en théorie politique représente non seulement une ouverture épistémologique incontournable, mais que celles-ci ouvrent la voi…Read more
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    Obstructive Sleep Apnea Is Associated with Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis and Advanced Liver Histology
    with Corey K. E., J. Misdraji, L. Gelrud, L. Y. King, H. Zheng, and A. Malhotra
    © 2015, Springer Science+Business Media New York. Background and Aims: Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and obstructive sleep apnea are growing in prevalence in the USA. Existing data on the relationship between OSA and NAFLD are conflicting and limited by the use of various histologic definitions of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis. Using a robust definition of NASH in a large, well-characterized cohort, we sought to evaluate whether OSA was associated with NASH and advanced fibrosis. Methods: Two …Read more
  • L'heritage Kantien En Ethique Internationale: Le Paradigme Cosmopolitique
    Dissertation, Universite de Montreal (Canada). 2001.
    Le but de cette these consiste a degager l'influence constitutive de l'heritage kantien dans l'elaboration contemporaine du paradigme cosmopolitique en ethique internationale. Cependant, une certaine ambivalence caracterise les ecrits politiques de Kant, oscillant entre un realisme politique et un idealisme moral. L'interpretation rawlsienne du foedus pacificum, quant a elle, reconduit une conception fondamentalement etatiste du projet de paix kantien. Face au fait du pluralisme, Rawls tente d'a…Read more