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    Masks, mechanisms and Covid-19: the limitations of randomized trials in pandemic policymaking
    History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences 43 (2): 1-5. 2021.
    Reluctance to endorse mask wearing to slow transmission of SARS-Cov-2 has been rationalized by the failure of randomized control trials to provide supportive evidence. In contrast, a mechanism-based approach suggests that mask wearing should be expected to reduce transmission: so that contrary evidence from RCTs likely reflects the need to focus policy attention on addressing interacting or mediating factors that offset the basic positive effect. The differing conclusions that result from these …Read more
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    The economics and philosophy of the brain drain: A critical perspective from the periphery
    South African Journal of Philosophy 36 (1): 115-132. 2017.
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    Reichenbach's 'principle of the common cause' is a foundational assumption of some important recent contributions to quantitative social science methodology but no similar principle appears in econometrics. Reiss (2005) has argued that the principle is necessary for instrumental variables methods in econometrics, and Pearl (2009) builds a framework using it that he proposes as a means of resolving an important methodological dispute among econometricians. We aim to show, through analysis of the …Read more