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    Economics and Philosophy 25 (3): 384-389. 2009.
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    Constraints and the Measurement of Freedom of Choice
    with Marco Del Seta
    Theory and Decision 50 (3): 213-238. 2001.
    This paper introduces considerations about constraints in the construction of measures of an agent's freedom. It starts with motivating the exercise from both the philosophical and the informational point of view. Then it presents two rankings of opportunity sets based on information about the extent of options and the constraints that a decision maker faces. The first ranking measures freedom as variety of choice; the second as non-restrictedness in choice
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    The Economics of Freedom: Theory, Measurement, and Policy Implications
    with Pietro Navarra
    Cambridge University Press. 2012.
    What is freedom? Can we measure it? Does it affect policy? This book develops an original measure of freedom called 'Autonomy Freedom', consistent with J. S. Mill's view of autonomy, and applies it to issues in policy and political design. The work pursues three aims. First, it extends classical liberalism beyond exclusive reliance on negative freedom so as to take autonomous behavior explicitly into account. Second, it grounds on firm conceptual foundations a new standard in the measurement of …Read more
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    Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness: An Economic and Political Perspective
    with Pietro Navarra and Dario Maimone
    Cambridge University Press. 2014.
    This book is about the relationship between different concepts of freedom and happiness. The book's authors distinguish three concepts for which an empirical measure exists: opportunity to choose, capability to choose, and autonomy to choose. They also provide a comprehensive account of the relationship between freedom and well-being by comparing channels through which freedoms affect quality of life. The book also explores whether the different conceptions of freedom complement or replace each …Read more