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    Doing Academia Differently: “I Needed Self-Help Less Than I Needed a Fair Society”
    with Laura Bisaillon, Alana Cattapan, Annelieke Driessen, Esther van Duin, Lorena Anton, and Nancy S. Jecker
    Feminist Studies 46 (1): 130-157. 2020.
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    Just a Cog in the Machine? The Individual Responsibility of Researchers in Nanotechnology is a Duty to Collectivize
    with Gordon D. Hoople and David A. Rolfe
    Science and Engineering Ethics 22 (3): 871-887. 2016.
    Responsible Research and Innovation provides a framework for judging the ethical qualities of innovation processes, however guidance for researchers on how to implement such practices is limited. Exploring RRI in the context of nanotechnology, this paper examines how the dispersed and interdisciplinary nature of the nanotechnology field somewhat hampers the abilities of individual researchers to control the innovation process. The ad-hoc nature of the field of nanotechnology, with its fluid boun…Read more