• Office and persona of the critical jurist : peripheral legal thought (Australia)
    In Justin Desautels-Stein & Christopher Tomlins (eds.), Searching for Contemporary Legal Thought, Cambridge University Press. 2017.
  •  20
    The Altars of Law: The Judgement of Legal Aesthetics
    with Costas Douzinas and Ronnie Warrington
    Theory, Culture and Society 9 (4): 93-117. 1992.
  •  14
    Just So: "The Law Which Governs Australia in Australian Law"
    with Shaunnagh Dorsett
    Law and Critique 13 (3): 289-309. 2002.
    This essay provides a gloss on the relationship between the common law and the ‘law of the land’. It does so by turning attention to the technologies and identifications that continue to give Australian jurisdiction its place. These relations repeat the long pattern of the common law ordering of colonisation. They also provide the governmental conditions of legal responsibility for settlement.
  •  4
    Postlegality: After education in the law
    with Costas Douzinas and Ronnie Warrington
    Law and Critique 1 (1-2): 81-98. 1990.
  •  1
    Law, Health and Medical Regulation
    with Sally Wheeler
    Dartmouth Publishing Company. 1992.
    This is a collection of essays which is focused towards showing that the experience of health is shaped by law and medical regulation and that health is part of our shared subjectivities. We try to show that law and legal concepts have a powerful role to play in regulation, while at times being indistinguishable from other practices of regulation offered by accountants, economists and medical scientists. To that end, the collection opens with two essays on the relationship between ethics and law…Read more
  •  29
    Jurisprudence of jurisdiction (edited book)
    Routledge-Cavendish. 2006.
    Questions of jurisdiction -- The metaphysics of jurisdiction -- On the founding of law's jurisdiction and the politics of sexual difference : the case of Roman law -- Guantanamo Bay, abandoned being and the constitution of jurisdiction -- Conjuring Palestine : the jurisdiction of dispossession -- Jurisdiction and nation-building : tall tales in nineteenth-century Aotearoa/New Zealand -- The suppression of state interests in international litigation -- Mapping territories -- Placing jurisdiction …Read more
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    Criminal Legal Doctrine
    with Peter Rush and Alison Young
    Dartmouth Publishing Company. 1997.
    These essays investigate the ways in which an order of crime is given life through the languages and practices of law. It asks a basic question: how is legal order written about? It gives an answer in terms of the everyday practices of law. Quite literally if nobody bothers to ask these questions of legal doctrine, then those who write on law will never know what it is they are writing about.