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    Diversity, Trust and Conformity: a Simulation Study
    Philosophy of Science. forthcoming.
    Previous simulation models have found positive effects of cognitive diversity on group performance, but have not explored effects of diversity in demographics (e.g., gender, ethnicity). In this paper, we present an agent-based model that captures two empirically supported hypotheses about how demographic diversity can improve group performance. The results of our simulations suggest that, even when social identities are not associated with distinctive task-related cognitive resources, demographi…Read more
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    Inspired by recent breakthroughs in predictive modeling, practitioners in both industry and government have turned to machine learning with hopes of operationalizing predictions to drive automated decisions. Unfortunately, many social desiderata concerning consequential decisions, such as justice or fairness, have no natural formulation within a purely predictive framework. In efforts to mitigate these problems, researchers have proposed a variety of metrics for quantifying deviations from vario…Read more
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    Attention in the Predictive Mind
    Consciousness and Cognition 47 99-112. 2017.
    It has recently become popular to suggest that cognition can be explained as a process of Bayesian prediction error minimization. Some advocates of this view propose that attention should be understood as the optimization of expected precisions in the prediction-error signal (Clark, 2013, 2016; Feldman & Friston, 2010; Hohwy, 2012, 2013). This proposal successfully accounts for several attention-related phenomena. We claim that it cannot account for all of them, since there are certain forms of …Read more
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    Norms in Counterfactual Selection
    Philosophy and Phenomenological Research. forthcoming.
    Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, EarlyView.
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    Correction to: Multiple diversity concepts and their ethical-epistemic implications
    with Daniel Steel, Kinley Gillette, Bianca Crewe, and Michael Burgess
    European Journal for Philosophy of Science 8 (3): 781-781. 2018.
    The original version of this article unfortunately contained a mistake. The fourth author’s name is Bianca Crewe, not Bianca Crew. The original article has been corrected.