• In this essay, I discuss a potential nexus for comparison between Hawaiian and Chinese philosophies grounded in what I call “terrestrial identity”. I bring Fei Xiaotong’s description of the formation of social identity in China, which is historically agrarian and inalienably place-based, to meet contemporary Hawaiian philosophical perspectives of personal responsibility, genealogical consciousness, and “seascape epistemology” to flesh out a new theory of relationality, one that includes the onto…Read more
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    All One Place: Reflections from the 11th East-West Philosophers’ Conference
    Journal of World Philosophies 1 (1): 164-166. 2016.
    Place was the theme of the 11th East-West Philosophers’ Conference, held in the urban heart of the Islands, Honolulu, from May 24-31, 2016.
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    The Philosophical Challenge from China ed. by Brian Bruya
    Philosophy East and West 67 (3): 948-951. 2017.
    The Philosophical Challenge from China, edited by Brian Bruya, undoubtedly occupies an important place in the discourse about what practices and authorities are relevant to Philosophy as an academic discipline. Its confident reorientation of philosophical relevance in the context of Anglophone academics will hopefully speak meaningfully to any remaining skeptics of the usefulness of Chinese philosophy. The intended audience of this effort, however, is shrinking, or, more accurately, those willin…Read more