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    Consolation - An Unrecognized Emotion
    European Journal for Philosophy of Religion 6 (3): 171--191. 2014.
    Although consolation is one of the classic religious subjects it plays no role in the current debate about religious emotions. One reason for this neglect could be that this debate is mostly based on classical emotions such as joy and fear, love and hope, and that consolation is not understood as an emotion. This paper tries to show that consolation in fact can and should be seen as an emotion. After naming and refuting some reasons that speak against taking consolation to be an emotion, I will …Read more
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    Vom Wert und der Würde des Menschen. Was heißt es, einen Menschen an sich wertzuschätzen?
    Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie 61 (1): 109-125. 2013.
    This article examines the idea that “human dignity” means that humans as such are valuable. It does so not from a perspective of normative or metaethics but from the perspective of the practice of valuing that consists in manifested dispositions of actions and emotions. From this point of view a commonly neglected problem becomes evident: How can we value a concrete person non-instrumentally without any reference to her individual properties or achievements and without having any relationship wi…Read more
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    It is often suggested that people in large groups behave and act differently than when they are alone. More precisely, it is an often-repeated claim that they tend to act in a morally problematic or plainly reprehensible way. Still, a fully satisfying explanation has not yet been given for why this is the case. In this paper, I suggest that the phenomenon of shared moods may play a crucial role here. In order to explicate and support this thesis, first, I will point out the problem in a more det…Read more
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    Leibliche Intellektualität
    Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie 57 (5): 812-815. 2009.
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    Was heißt es, sich in unserer globalisierten Welt als eine vollverantwortliche Person zu verstehen und zu verhalten? Einerseits scheint es richtig, dass wir global verantwortlich sind, d.h. dass wir auch gegen entferntes Leid etwas tun sollten; andererseits aber ist wegen vielfacher Überforderungsproblemen unklar ist, wie man diese Verantwortung tatsächlich übernehmen können soll – was wiederum dagegen spricht, dass wir diese Verantwortung berechtigtermaßen zuschreiben können. Um einen Aspekt di…Read more
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    Debating social egg freezing: arguments from phases of life
    Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 21 (3): 325-333. 2018.
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    Von der Vielfalt und Verletzlichkeit menschlicher Würde
    Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie 67 (5): 891-897. 2019.