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    Unpacking ‘baby man’ in Chinese social media: a feminist critical discourse analysis
    with Qian Gong
    Critical Discourse Studies 21 (4): 400-417. 2024.
    This paper argues that the proliferation of the new term ‘baby man’ has an impact on reconstructing established gender relationships and resisting China's authoritarian political power in a highly-censored online environment. This study employs feminist critical discourse analysis to investigate how Chinese feminism adopts the discursive construction of ‘baby man’ and how they echo the complex historical and sociocultural backgrounds through a case study of 43 posts containing ‘baby man’ on Chin…Read more
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    Characterization of collective ground states in single-layer NbSe 2
    with M. M. Ugeda, A. J. Bradley, Y. Zhang, S. Onishi, W. Ruan, C. Ojeda-Aristizabal, H. Ryu, M. T. Edmonds, H. Z. Tsai, A. Riss, S. K. Mo, D. Lee, A. Zettl, Z. Hussain, Z. X. Shen, and M. F. Crommie
    © 2016 Macmillan Publishers Limited.Layered transition metal dichalcogenides are ideal systems for exploring the effects of dimensionality on correlated electronic phases such as charge density wave order and superconductivity. In bulk NbSe 2 a CDW sets in at T CDW = 33 K and superconductivity sets in at T c = 7.2 K. Below T c these electronic states coexist but their microscopic formation mechanisms remain controversial. Here we present an electronic characterization study of a single two-dimen…Read more
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    Validation of Herek’s attitudes toward lesbian women and gay men scale among undergraduates in mainland China
    with Junfang Wang, Yusi Liu, Guochen Fu, Lei Wu, Mingliang Pan, Yuli Yang, Zhuo Chen, Yu Cao, Yong Li, Hao Wang, Bixiang Wang, Ruyi Du, Yanting Xiong, Wei Liu, Nuo Xu, Xiaobao Xia, Qianqian Li, Chengcheng Lv, and Fang Ruan
    Frontiers in Psychology 13. 2022.
    The lack of a standardized reliable and valid instrument makes it difficult to measure attitudes toward lesbian women and gay men consistently and thus poses a challenge to compare and contrast intervention measures. This study aimed to validate Herek’s ATLG scale among undergraduates in mainland China and identify factors associated with negative attitudes toward LG. A total of 6,036 eligible undergraduates conveniently drawn from 30 provinces across mainland China were randomly split in half. …Read more
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    © 2016 American Chemical Society.High quality WSe2 films have been grown on bilayer graphene with layer-by-layer control of thickness using molecular beam epitaxy. The combination of angle-resolved photoemission, scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy, and optical absorption measurements reveal the atomic and electronic structures evolution and optical response of WSe2/BLG. We observe that a bilayer of WSe2 is a direct bandgap semiconductor, when integrated in a BLG-based heterostructure, th…Read more
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    Evolution of the Valley Position in Bulk Transition-Metal Chalcogenides and Their Monolayer Limit
    with H. Yuan, Z. Liu, G. Xu, B. Zhou, S. Wu, D. Dumcenco, K. Yan, Y. Zhang, S. K. Mo, P. Dudin, V. Kandyba, M. Yablonskikh, A. Barinov, Z. Shen, S. Zhang, Y. Huang, X. Xu, Z. Hussain, H. Y. Hwang, and Y. Cui
    © 2016 American Chemical Society.Layered transition metal chalcogenides with large spin orbit coupling have recently sparked much interest due to their potential applications for electronic, optoelectronic, spintronics, and valleytronics. However, most current understanding of the electronic structure near band valleys in momentum space is based on either theoretical investigations or optical measurements, leaving the detailed band structure elusive. For example, the exact position of the conduc…Read more
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    Selenium capped monolayer NbSe 2 for two-dimensional superconductivity studies
    with S. Onishi, M. M. Ugeda, Y. Zhang, C. Ojeda-Aristizabal, H. Ryu, S. K. Mo, Z. Hussain, Z. X. Shen, M. F. Crommie, and A. Zettl
    © 2016 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, WeinheimSuperconductivity in monolayer niobium diselenide on bilayer graphene is studied by electrical transport. Monolayer NbSe2 is grown on bilayer graphene by molecular beam epitaxy and capped with a selenium film to avoid degradation in air. The selenium capped samples have TC = 1.9 K. In situ measurements down to 4 K in ultrahigh vacuum show that the effect of the selenium layer on the transport is negligible. The superconducting transition and upper…Read more
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    © 2016 American Chemical Society.Hydrostatic pressure applied using diamond anvil cells has been widely explored to modulate physical properties of materials by tuning their lattice degree of freedom. Independently, electrical field is able to tune the electronic degree of freedom of functional materials via, for example, the field-effect transistor configuration. Combining these two orthogonal approaches would allow discovery of new physical properties and phases going beyond the known phase sp…Read more