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    Urbanization Increases Aedes albopictus Larval Habitats and Accelerates Mosquito Development and Survivorship
    with Y. Li, F. Kamara, G. Zhou, S. Puthiyakunnon, C. Li, Y. Liu, L. Yao, G. Yan, and X. G. Chen
    © 2014 Li et al. Aedes albopictus is a very invasive and aggressive insect vector that causes outbreaks of dengue fever, chikungunya disease, and yellow fever in many countries. Vector ecology and disease epidemiology are strongly affected by environmental changes. Urbanization is a worldwide trend and is one of the most ecologically modifying phenomena. The purpose of this study is to determine how environmental changes due to urbanization affect the ecology of Aedes albopictus. Aquatic habitat…Read more