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    Concurrent formation of two different type precipitation-free zones during the initial stage of homogenization
    with Y. Q. Chen, D. Q. Yi, B. Wang, and H. Q. Liu
    Philosophical Magazine 93 (18): 2269-2278. 2013.
  • Background: The p53 tumor suppressor and its related protein, p73, share a homologous DNA binding domain, and mouse genetics studies have suggested that they have overlapping as well as distinct biological functions. Both p53 and p73 are activated by genotoxic stress to regulate an array of cellular responses. Previous studies have suggested that p53 and p73 independently activate the cellular apoptotic program in response to cytotoxic drugs. The goal of this study was to compare the promoter-bi…Read more
  • Visual short-term memory
    with M. C. Potter
    In Bayne Tim, Cleeremans Axel & Wilken Patrick (eds.), The Oxford Companion to Consciousness, Oxford University Press. pp. 436--438. 2009.