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  • Photo of David Ludwig
    General Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Biology, International Philosophy, Philosophy of Gender…more

  • Photo of Yuri Cath
    Philosophy of Mind, Metaphilosophy, Epistemology

  • Photo of Jon Williamson
    Philosophy of Probability, General Philosophy of Science, Inductive Logic, Formal Epistemology, Caus…more

  • Photo of Seth Lazar
    Normative Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, Applied Ethics

  • Photo of Kristin M. Mickelson

  • Photo of Rima Basu
    Epistemology, Value Theory, Ethics of Belief, Philosophy of Gender, Race, and Sexuality

  • Photo of David Mark Kovacs
    Metaphysics and Epistemology, Epistemology, Metaphysics, Miscellaneous, Global Metaphysical Theories…more

  • Photo of Herman Cappelen
    Metaphilosophy, Epistemology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of…more

  • Photo of Cathy Legg
    Philosophy of Language, Logic and Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Comp…more

  • Photo of Rocco J. Gennaro
    Philosophy of Consciousness, Metaphysics of Mind, Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Min…more

  • Photo of Joshua Habgood-Coote
    Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language

  • Photo of Eddy Keming Chen
    Philosophy of Physical Science, Metaphysics, Decision Theory, Quantum Mechanics, Time, General Philo…more

  • Photo of Alexander Dinges
    Epistemic Contextualism, Epistemic Contextualism and Relativism, Implicature, Taste Predicates, Expe…more

  • Photo of Walter Sinnott-Armstrong
    Epistemology, Philosophy of Religion, Applied Ethics, Meta-Ethics, Moral Psychology, Normative Ethic…more

  • Photo of Katalin Farkas
    Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind

  • Photo of Roberta L. Millstein
    Philosophy of Biology, Environmental Ethics, Philosophy of Probability, General Philosophy of Scienc…more

  • Photo of Ingar Brinck
    Visual Arts, Cognitive Sciences, Social Sciences, Philosophy of Social Science, Philosophy of Action…more

  • Photo of Matthias Michel
    Science of Consciousness, Philosophy of Psychology, Measurement in Science, Philosophy of Cognitive …more

  • Photo of Helga Varden
    Philosophy of Law, Immanuel Kant, History of Political Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, Gender and E…more

  • Photo of Dominic McIver Lopes
    Aesthetics, Aesthetic Realism and Anti-Realism, Aesthetic Cognition, Art and Artworks, Philosophy of…more

  • Photo of Sara Bernstein
    Metaphysics, Counterfactual Theories of Causation, Theories of Causation, Causation in the Law, Time…more

  • Photo of Eric Winsberg
    Social Epistemology, Theories and Models, Scientific Realism, Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, T…more

  • Photo of Alex Madva
    Philosophy of Mind, Applied Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Cognitive Science…more

  • Photo of David Faraci
    Applied Ethics, Meta-Ethics, Epistemology, Business Ethics, Normative Ethics, Social and Political P…more

  • Photo of A. K. Flowerree
    Epistemology, Epistemic Normativity, Practical Reason, Social Epistemology, Philosophy of Action, No…more

  • Photo of Daniele Lorenzini
    Social and Political Philosophy, Continental Philosophy, Critical Theory, Philosophy of Language