•  34
    Object Domain and Modality in the Ventral Visual Pathway
    with Yanchao Bi and Alfonso Caramazza
    Trends in Cognitive Sciences 20 (4): 282-290. 2016.
  •  16
    The idea of conducting “upstream public engagement,” using nanotechnology as a test case, has been subject to criticism for its lack of any link to the political system. Drawing on the theoretical tools provided by Habermas, this article seeks to explore such a “link”, focusing specifically on the capacity of civil society organizations to distil, raise and transmit societal concerns in an amplified form to the public spheres at the European Union level. Based on content analysis and semi-struct…Read more
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    Antibiotic use and abuse: A threat to mitochondria and chloroplasts with impact on research, health, and environment
    with Dongryeol Ryu, Riekelt H. Houtkooper, and Johan Auwerx
    Bioessays 37 (10): 1045-1053. 2015.
  •  14
    N6-methyladenine functions as a potential epigenetic mark in eukaryotes
    with Qinmiao Sun, Shoujun Huang, Yuanxiang Zhu, Zhenping Chen, and Dahua Chen
    Bioessays 37 (11): 1155-1162. 2015.
  •  11
    Examining the relationship between skilled music training and attention
    with Lynn Ossher and Patricia A. Reuter-Lorenz
    Consciousness and Cognition 36 169-179. 2015.
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    China has a longstanding tradition of stressing the values of harmony and coherence, and Chinese society has often been portrayed as a culture in which conflict avoidance is viewed more positively than direct confrontation and argumentation. In order to evaluate the validity of this claim, this paper sketches Chinese people’s feelings and understandings about interpersonal arguing by reporting results of a data collection in China, using measures of argumentativeness, verbal aggressiveness, argu…Read more
  • Han Feizi Ji Jie
    with Fei Han
    . 1998.
  • "Kun Island Itsushi," a book, the image of women presented with Xiongfei for women on the one hand, be able to text and other male characteristics, on the one hand and women and traditional morality, this integration features dual image of women, in addition to the performance of the author Writing under the ideal male image of female expectations, but also reflects the legacy of the traditional patriarchal view. On the other hand, the book presents the two sexual relations, especially in marria…Read more
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    Montaigne and Taoism
    Dissertation, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 1993.
    Montaigne's Essays discuss the human condition and the way to live. His work represents an ideal of wisdom. Like Montaigne, Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu, representatives of Taoism, express similar concerns about the human condition. Both philosophies have a very similar concept of wisdom: ;Nature is treated as a quasi-divine entity that exists everywhere and controls everything, although it is invisible and inexpressible, and it represents at the same time diversity and unity; human reason is not an a…Read more
  • A Study Of Children's Death Concepts
    with Xinhui Huang
    Study of Life and Death 1 (10): 117-158. 2010.
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    Confucius and Mencius Thoughts on Rebuilding Social Order
    Modern Philosophy 2 109-114. 2009.
    Confucian thought starting point is the concern of social relationships, the goal is to establish social order to achieve the harmony of social relationships. Confucius, Mencius, who moderate view of the world, do not go to extremes, so the relationship between the individual and society is not a simple emphasis on one aspect, hoping to establish a harmonious relationship between the individual and society. Personal and social, private and public, conflict between themselves and others, as well …Read more
  • Weier Mo critical theory is an important representative of the second generation, his theory of Habermas thought Pullman shift exchanges. However, relative to post-modernism of Habermas's overall negative stance, Weier Mo believes that post-modernity is the result of self-development of modernity, postmodernism is modernism of the internal criticism and thorough. Modernity and post-modernity is not simply between the antagonistic relationship, but rather interdependent and intertwined dialectica…Read more
  • Karl Marx's View about Philosophy and the Core Theme of Marx's Philosophy
    with Ru-Xian Ye
    Modern Philosophy 4 1-11. 2007.
    Marx's analysis of philosophy and the relationship between the social and historical conditions, based on the philosophy of abandoning an independent, and to establish a task analysis of real social contradictions of the new materialism. This new materialist analysis of social conflicts based on the real realization of each person's freedom to seek, and use it as a philosophical subject of study. According to this philosophy, the study of philosophy is from the "earth up to heaven," rather than …Read more
  • The combination of moral and political traditional Chinese political culture is a major feature, so that China's traditional political Dehua is called political or ethical politics. Advocates should be given from Confucius to Sun Yat-sen, Mao Zedong summarized the history, the relationship between the moral and political issues, also followed such a principle of historicism: his successor, while the traditional Chinese virtue, but also in exploring for beyond this tradition in Chinese political …Read more
  • "Elephant" is Zhang Zai important concept in philosophy, there are images and the heart as two connotations. Images that "gas"-shaped appear under the form of sensory objects, including not only physical, but also the invisible elephant. Heart Like that "gas" in the form of manifestation of consciousness, as thought objects, including the content in the virtual sense, science and other metaphysical concepts. Images as the same thing with the heart as "gas" appear in two different ways, are "air"…Read more
  • Xu Compendium of Chronicles
    Chinese Literature and Philosophy of Communication 14 (1): 209-226. 2004.
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    An Investigation of the Properties of the Mckinsey Axiom
    Dissertation, Tulane University. 1991.
    McKinsey Axiom is the modal formula LMA $\to$ MLA which has some elusive semantic properties. The canonicity and compactness of the axiom are the problems historically important in the development of our understanding of intensional logic. These problems, however, were unsolved for years in modal logic. Recently, Robert Goldblatt showed that the McKinsey Axiom is not canonical. Then the remaining task is to solve the problem of the compactness of the axiom. The major result in this dissertation …Read more
  • The Philosophy of Capital
    Dissertation, Brown University. 1994.
    The dissertation is a critique of postmodernism and poststructuralism. I argue that these theories are not subversive of late capitalism but symptomatic of it. There is a "structural affinity" between Saussure's linguistics, which postmodernism and poststructuralism draw heavily upon, and the operation of the market. Commodities have a self-referential relationship among themselves--the exchange value of each commodity is determined by its relationship with other commodities independently of hum…Read more
  • Ge Ti Zhe Xue
    . 2002.
  • Zheng Zhi Guan Gai Lun
    with Yongting Zheng and Xingyan Liu
    . 1991.