• Chuan Tong Wen Hua Yu Dao de Jian She (edited book)
    with Youxue Li
    Guizhou Min Zu Chu Ban She. 2004.
  • Zhongguo Lun Li Xue 60 Nian (edited book)
    Shanghai Ren Min Chu Ban She. 2009.
  • A Social Cognitive Perspective On Religious Beliefs And Psychotherapy
    with Guo-an Yue
    Nankai University (Philosophy and Social Sciences) 4 116-122. 2009.
    Religious life in patients with mental illness play an important role. Religious people tend to show a pattern characteristic of intuitive thinking. This kind of thinking is the result of bias hypothesis and group / group, bias. Religious positive effect on the performance of psychotherapy can provide a positive religious coping strategies; religion also provides an alternative attachment; religions advocate forgiveness, helps to regulate mood and behavior. Religious bias and prejudice resulting…Read more
  • To Study the Essential Reason for the US Compelling RMB Appreciation from the Political Economy Perspective
    with Ke-Yong Gao
    Nankai University (Philosophy and Social Sciences) 4 108-115. 2008.
    Since China's WTO accession, the bilateral trade imbalance off gradually exposed, the U.S. trade imbalance to blame all walks of life to the RMB exchange rate regime, that the Chinese government manipulation of the RMB exchange rate, and have asked the Government to urge China to take action to adjust the RMB exchange rate system , so that rapid and large appreciation of the renminbi. From the perspective of political economy analysis, the U.S. public about the RMB exchange rate issue and Sino-U…Read more
  • Karl Marx's View about Philosophy and the Core Theme of Marx's Philosophy
    with Ru-Xian Ye
    Modern Philosophy 4 1-11. 2007.
    Marx's analysis of philosophy and the relationship between the social and historical conditions, based on the philosophy of abandoning an independent, and to establish a task analysis of real social contradictions of the new materialism. This new materialist analysis of social conflicts based on the real realization of each person's freedom to seek, and use it as a philosophical subject of study. According to this philosophy, the study of philosophy is from the "earth up to heaven," rather than …Read more
  • Ge Ti Zhe Xue
    . 2002.
  • On the Behavior of Government in Key Stage of SOE Reform
    with Xiu-Ling He
    Philosophy of the Social Sciences 35 (3): 124-128. 2005.
    China's state-owned enterprises to enter into a critical stage of reform. Government reform of state-owned enterprises mainly in the leading role in determining the direction of state-owned enterprise reform and development, processes and models; government reform and development in the state-owned enterprises play an agent, the dual principal role is to rationalize the management system of state-owned enterprises an important part; in different types of state-owned enterprise reform in governme…Read more
  • Han Feizi Ji Jie
    with Fei Han
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  • Wang Xue Zhi Guang (edited book)
    with Pinglüe Zhao
    Xi Nan Jiao Tong da Xue Chu Ban She. 2010.
  • Partisanship and the Trends of Bilateral Trade between China and the US
    with Wang Kun-le and Shen-Xiang Xie
    Nankai University (Philosophy and Social Sciences) 5 107-114. 2009.
    Currently, U.S. trade policy-making process is filled with strong partisan color, the two parties diametrically opposed attitudes towards trade issues, which makes the process of trade liberalization in the United States severely hampered. Democratic presidential oath of office just a weak footing, partisanship intensified, the U.S. financial crisis has caused a huge economic impact, in this context, free trade is subject to unprecedented challenges. In the future, only the two sides through fri…Read more
  • "Elephant" is Zhang Zai important concept in philosophy, there are images and the heart as two connotations. Images that "gas"-shaped appear under the form of sensory objects, including not only physical, but also the invisible elephant. Heart Like that "gas" in the form of manifestation of consciousness, as thought objects, including the content in the virtual sense, science and other metaphysical concepts. Images as the same thing with the heart as "gas" appear in two different ways, are "air"…Read more
  • IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (IEEE BIBM 2015),
    with Jingshan Huang, Fernando Gutierrez, Dejing Dou, Judith A. Blake, Karen Eilbeck, Darren A. Natale, Barry Smith, Yu Lin, and Zixing Liu
    . 2015.
  • Meiguo Ren de Dao de Guan: Meiguo Wen Hua Ying Yu du Wu = American Virtues (edited book)
    with Bo Liu
    Wuhan da Xue Chu Ban She. 2007.
  • Great Theory and Successful Practice: Deng Xiaoping's Magnificant Strategic Concept of "One Country, Two Systems" and Hong Kong's Return to the Motherland
    with Jing-Quan Liu and Li-Ting Shang
    Nankai University (Philosophy and Social Sciences) 4 1-11. 1997.
    "One country two systems" great strategic thinking, Deng Xiaoping Theory of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, an important part. It was first proposed from the settlement of the Taiwan question, but first of all in solving the issue of Hong Kong a success. Article outlines the Deng Xiaoping's "one country two systems" great strategic concept formation; demonstrated strategic vision to address this great return of Hong Kong, maintain Hong Kong's prosperity and stability issues play…Read more
  • A Restudy On The Xinfu Army In Yuan Dynasty
    Nankai University (Philosophy and Social Sciences) 2 118-122. 2009.
    Accommodate the new Army reorganization with the meta rule and military institutions in the South important part. After the mid-yuan new army is still attached? Scholars have different views. Analysis of the Yuan Dynasty military system of the background we can see, the new soldiers were attached to military families forced incorporated into the system, still maintaining the typical characteristics of mercenary, the economic benefits and logistics, supply system is different from the Han, so the…Read more
  • Weier Mo critical theory is an important representative of the second generation, his theory of Habermas thought Pullman shift exchanges. However, relative to post-modernism of Habermas's overall negative stance, Weier Mo believes that post-modernity is the result of self-development of modernity, postmodernism is modernism of the internal criticism and thorough. Modernity and post-modernity is not simply between the antagonistic relationship, but rather interdependent and intertwined dialectica…Read more
  • The Philosophy of Capital
    Dissertation, Brown University. 1994.
    The dissertation is a critique of postmodernism and poststructuralism. I argue that these theories are not subversive of late capitalism but symptomatic of it. There is a "structural affinity" between Saussure's linguistics, which postmodernism and poststructuralism draw heavily upon, and the operation of the market. Commodities have a self-referential relationship among themselves--the exchange value of each commodity is determined by its relationship with other commodities independently of hum…Read more
  • Family-owned family business organization, ownership and management rights of the high degree of unity among the members of the family business and the psychological contract costs relatively low cost of business operations; the interests of consistency, so that family members have a natural cohesion, the business-to- sensitive to changes in the external environment, expansion of sufficient power, decision-making responsive. But also the family business is often difficult to overcome the impact …Read more