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    Dificultades para la superveniencia estética
    Areté. Revista de Filosofía 27 (2): 66-84. 2015.
    In the last half century,there were several attempts to adopt the notion of supervenience in order to shed light on the claim of generality that is involved in aesthetic judgments. In this paper I will show the difficulties brought up by the transposition of the notion of supervenience from other areas of philosophy to the philosophy of art and I will also show the intrinsic difficulties of this project. First, I will revise the origins of the notion of supervenience in contemporary ethics and p…Read more
  • La noción de superveniencia en la visión estratificada del mundo
    Análisis Filosófico 15 (1): 181. 1995.
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    Phenomenal concepts, color experience, and Mary's puzzle
    Teorema: International Journal of Philosophy (3): 113-133. 2011.
    The aim of this paper is to analyze the relationship between phenomenal experience and our folk conceptualization of it. I will focus on the phenomenal concept strategy as an answer to Mary's puzzle. In the first part I present Mary's argument and the phenomenal concept strategy. In the second part I explain the requirements phenomenal concepts should satisfy in order to solve Mary's puzzle. In the third part I present various accounts of what a phenomenal concept is, and I show the difficulties…Read more
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    Physicalism, Qualia and Mental Concepts
    Theoria: Revista de Teoría, Historia y Fundamentos de la Ciencia 17 (2): 359-379. 2002.
    In this paper I shall carefully examine some recent arguments for dualism. These arguments presuppose a strong version of physicalism that I consider inappropriate. I shall try to show that, if we reformulate the thesis of physicalism according to Kim's view of physicalism (in terms of the supervenience relation), there is a third option, a version of type physicalism, where physicalism and quaiia could be conciliated. In order to sketch this option, I shall consider the main argument against ty…Read more
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    Naturalizing qualia, destroying qualia
    Diálogos. Revista de Filosofía de la Universidad de Puerto Rico 35 (76): 65-84. 2000.
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    The Will to Communicate
    Critica 45 (133): 91-97. 2013.
    In this paper I discuss Rodriguez-Pereyra�s claim according to which analytical philosophy should be published exclusively in English. I focus my reply on three issues: (1) the implicit conception of philosophy and of the philosophical practice that underlies his argument, (2) the myth of the �native speaker� and (3) some values that should guide philosophy and which I propose to highlight
  • Discusión
    Análisis Filosófico 17 (1): 27-34. 1997.
  • Premio Alberto Coffa: Monismo anómalo Y causación psicofísica
    Análisis Filosófico 14 (1): 1. 1994.
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    Variedades de supervivencia
    Manuscrito: Revista Internacional de Filosofía 19 (2): 165-199. 1996.