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    Do Animals See Objects?
    In Marcin Miłkowski Konrad Talmont-Kamiński (ed.), Regarding Mind, Naturally, . 2013.
  • In this article I am trying to compare the methods of phenomenology and analytic philosophy. Such a general comparison is of course impossible in a small article. In order to make it possible I am comparing selected authors. Phenomenology is thus represented by Husserl and Ingarden, analytic philosophy by Putnam and Kripke (they are chosen because of their realism and essentialism). I am trying to analyze the way the authors describe their methods. First I am analyzing analytic philosophy from t…Read more
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    In Remarks on the philosophy of psychology Wittgenstein uses ambiguous illusions to investigate the problematic relation of perception and interpretation. I use this problem as a starting point for developing a conceptual framework capable of expressing problems associated with visual perception in a precise manner. I do this by discerning between subjective and objective meaning of the term “to see” and by specifying the beliefs which are to be ascribed to the observer when we assert that…Read more
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    Umysł - software czy hardware?
    Hybris. Internetowy Magazyn Filozoficzny 7. 2008.
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    Czym się różni kategoryzacja od konceptualizacji?
    Przeglad Filozoficzny - Nowa Seria 86 (2): 455-470. 2013.
  • Komputacjonizm kontratakuje (review)
    Przeglad Filozoficzny - Nowa Seria 86. 2013.