•  19
    The paper analyzes, from a perspective which is itself existential-ontological, the way in which in an early text of Martin Heidegger, Phänomenologische Interpretationen zu Aristoteles (Anzeige der hermeneutischen Situation) [1922] – which had already outlined some determinative elements of the ideas expounded in Being and Time –, the meditation on the always living and current conditions and hermeneutical situation of philosophizing expanded in fact into an inquiry about the origins, grounds, e…Read more
  •  387
    Cercetarea dupa tema si gen-calitate a literaturii bibliologice romanest pt. anii 1990 - 1997
  •  69
    The Sacred, Or the Bright Sounds of Silence – A thinking-experiment on nature, related (and created) to Heidegger and Hölderlin
    Philobiblon - Transylvanin Journal of Multidisciplinary Research in Humanities 14. 2009.
  •  182
    The paper grasps and outlines the concepts and practices of library marketing as well as generally the marketing of non-profit institutions or organizations, conceptually defined as symbolic marketing- However, what is termed here as symbolic should not be understood as a "weaker " version of marketing, but as the proper way in which marketing perspectives can be actually implemented in such institutions; that is, as a practice which concerns and mobilizes all services and activities of such ins…Read more
  •  25
    Prima antologie a revistei Philobiblon
  •  82
    Euthanasia, Or Death Assisted to (Its) Dignity
    Philobiblon Transylvanian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research in Humanities 17 (2). 2012.
  •  71
    Hermeneutica Bibliothecaria - Antologie Philobiblon (V) (edited book)
    with Carmen Crisan, Cristina Popa, and Raluca Trifu
    Editura Argonaut - Biblioteca Centrală Universitară" Lucian Blaga" din Cluj. 2011.
    Antologia revistei Philobiblon editata in 2011
  •  29
    Death and the experience of Dying
  •  146
    The Meaning of Life – And the Possibility of Human Illness – Prolegomena
    Philobiblon - Transilvanian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research in Humanities 16 (2). 2011.
    Abstract: The study investigates philosophically the issue of human illness and its organic pertinence to the meaning of human life starting from the recognition that the dangerous encounter with the experience of illness is an unavoidable – and as such crucial – experience of the life of any living being. As for us humans, there is probably no mortal man who has never suffered of some – any! – kind of disease from his birth to the end of his life… Illness is therefore an experience or outright …Read more
  •  63
    LE COMPLOT- Serment et secret
    Politica Hermetica 6. 1992.
    Historical and actual analyse about the essential relation between the COMPLOT and the Secret !
  •  99
    “HAD-BEEN-NESS” AND PAST. History and memory. An Essay in applied philosophical dialogue with M. Heidegger
    Philobiblon - Transilvanian Journal of Multidisciplinayt Research in Humanities 6. 1999-2002.
    Motto: “History is denied not because it is ‘false’ but because, although impossible to be assimilated as present, it remains active in the present.” Martin Heidegger “It is to be expected that people remember their past and imagine their future. But in fact, when they write discourses about history they imagine it through the prism of their own experiences and when they try to ponder over the future they refer to p…Read more
  •  63
    Censorship And The Fissured Time
    Philobiblon - Transilvanian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research in Humanities 8. 2003-2004.
    Review essay about Adrian Marino's book. Analyse of the Communist Censorship in Romania.
  •  19
    Ciphers and Existence – Karl Jaspers between West and East
    Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies 5 (13): 152-160. 2006.
    The paper tries to grasp and acquire Karl Jaspers’s philosophical-mental horizons mainly with the terminological and methodological instruments of the musical – primarily symphonic – thematisation. Namely those typically jaspersian tensions and impulses, which in their connections to the Encompassing and to Existence are apparently far from them – turning back (and forth) to the oriental and western meta- physics of Sound and Light. While the “philosophical problems” elevated into themes, now st…Read more
  •  33
    „...nem egy általában vett szerző szól az általában vett olvasóhoz..." Fehér M. István1 „A filozófia a legmélyebb, legfölkavaróbb kérdésekkel hivatott foglalkozni. Végleges megoldásukat nehezen élné túl." Hajós József 2 Egyre több írás – iromány – hermeneutikai szituáltságát konstituálják manapság a „tudományos konferenciák". Gyakran persze ezek „helyettesítik" be a tapasztalatot, a tapasztalat élő kihívásait is. Úgyhogy meglehetősen ritkaságszámba megy az olyan esemény, amikor egy-egy előadás v…Read more
  •  123
  •  100
    The Musicality of Making Philosophy or Karl Jaspers between West and East
    Philobiblon - Transilvanian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research in Humanities 10. 2005-2006.
  •  101
    Life – Death – Secret – Terrorism
    Philobiblon - Transylvanian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research in Humanities 13. 2008.
    Analyse the relations between the SECRET and the TERRORISM
  •  427
    Human Finitude and History - Prolegomena to the Possibility of a “Philosophy of History” and Ontology of History
    Philobiblon - Transilvanian Journal Oh Multidisciplinary Research in Humanities 18 (1). 2013.