• Homotopic Solution for 3D Darcy–Forchheimer Flow of Prandtl Fluid through Bidirectional Extending Surface with Cattaneo–Christov Heat and Mass Flux Model
    with Shamaila Batool, Waris Khan, Ahmed Hussein Msmali, Undefined Ikramullah, and Wali Khan Mashwani
    Complexity 2021 1-15. 2021.
    The 3D Prandtl fluid flow through a bidirectional extending surface is analytically investigated. Cattaneo–Christov fluid model is employed to govern the heat and mass flux during fluid motion. The Prandtl fluid motion is mathematically modeled using the law of conservations of mass, momentum, and energy. The set of coupled nonlinear PDEs is converted to ODEs by employing appropriate similarity relations. The system of coupled ODEs is analytically solved using the well-established mathematical t…Read more