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    The Spread of Code-switches into Jordanian Social Settings
    with Mohammad Abdullah Matarneh
    Cultura 7 (2): 223-233. 2010.
    The current study investigates the infiltration of code-switches into Jordanian social settings. It is also to examine Jordanians' attitudes toward the spread of code-switches in different social settings, the rationale behind the spread of code-switches, the role of media, types of code-switches and linguistic dominance. To illustrate the existence of this phenomenon, a corpus consisting of more than two hundred code-switches has been built up. Most importantly, to measure Jordanians' attitudes…Read more
  • Segunung Budi Selautan Kenangan: Dedikasi Istimewa Untuk Profesor Emeritus Dato' Dr. Asmah Hj. Omar (edited book)
    with Rohani MohdYusof, Noor Hasnoor Mohamad Nor, and Muhammad Aidi Mat Yusof
    Akademi Pengajian Melayu, Universiti Malaya. 2009.
    Essays on linguistics in Malaysia; festschrift in honor of Asmah Haji Omar, a doctor in linguistics at Universiti Malaya.
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    As a multiracial country, Malaysia's most crucial problem toward national unity is the glaring economic imbalance and racial tension among the races. Several policies have been carried out to eliminate the economic and racial disparities that exist. Amongst them is by expanding the manufacturing sector employing all ethnic groups. However, with the rapid expansion in this sector, a relatively high rate of voluntary labour turnover among blue-collar workers has developed with potentially serious …Read more