• Nagarjuna on The Concept of Morality
    Indian Philosophical Quarterly 30 (1): 111-118. 2003.
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    Action and reason in the theory of Āyurveda
    AI and Society 21 (1-2): 27-46. 2007.
    The paper explores the relation between reason and action as it emerges from the texts of Āyurveda. Life or Ayus (commonly understood as life-span) is primary subject matter of Ayurveda. Life is a locus of experience, action and disposition. Experiences and actions are differentially determined by dispositions that characterize the organism; otherwise all living organisms will be identical. Ayus of each living being is uniquely individual and remains constant between birth and death. In this jo…Read more
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    Social structure of our society decides the actions that are allowed by any individual human being. All the actions of an individual are characterized into voluntary or involuntary actions, which decides the behaviour of society towards that individual for that action. In this paper it has been shown that the characterization of action into these two categories is fundamentally flawed.
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    The question of existence of reality beyond physical realm is an old question. This cannot be solved by science due to its nature and method of operation of science. Though some conclusions about it can be made logically and rationally. It has been showed that the claim made by materialists is equivalent to the one made by anthropocentric theists.