•  18
    Application of Multiple Intelligence Theory to Increase Student Motivation in Learning History
    with Ahmad Ali Seman, Mohd Mahzan Awang, and Fadzilah Sulaiman
    Asian Culture and History 7 (1). 2015.
  •  13
    Using clinical supervision approach in graduate research student supervision
    with Norhasni Zainal Abiddin, Shamsuddin Ahmad, Khairuddin Idris, and Azahari Ismail
    The relationship between the supervisor and student plays important role in promoting the student's objectives. However, problem of compatibility usually occurs between them and therefore, they both need to know their roles in order to ensure good relationship. The purpose of this article is to investigate related elements in clinical supervision which could be implemented for graduate research student supervision. The article is designed by reviewing and discussing the related findings on the c…Read more
  •  6
    Islam and Sport: From Human Experiences to Revelation
    with Baidruel Hairiel Abd Rahim, Nurazzura Mohamad Diah, and Haizuran Mohd Jani
    Intellectual Discourse 27 (2): 413-430. 2019.
    Sport is viewed as a multidimensional phenomenon. Most countries,including Muslim nations, invest heavily in sports to ensure the participationof their citizens both for recreational and competitive purposes. Indeed, theinvolvement of Muslim countries in significant multi-sport events such as theCommonwealth, the Asian, and the Olympic Games are inevitable. Therefore,a proper projection should be given to Muslim athletes as their participationreflects the identity and culture of Muslim civilizat…Read more
  • Global Ethics, Environmentally Applied: An Islamic View. Ip, K
    Environmental Ethics: Intercultural Perspectives. forthcoming.