Vanderbilt University
Department of Philosophy
PhD, 2015
Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Areas of Interest
Philosophy of Race
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    Resistance and the Reconfiguration of the Sensible (review)
    Syndicate Philosophy 1. 2017.
    Politics is about much more than the laws we enact, the politicians we elect, the institutional structures and procedures that we support, and the distribution of rights and goods that undergird those decisions. It is, certainly, all of those things, but it is also something deeper and more fundamental to our way of being in society and among those with whom we live: at the level of our sensibility lies that which conditions our experiences and interactions. By sensibility I am referring to the …Read more
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    In this dissertation I explore the conceptual relationship between equality and resistance in political philosophy. Through examination of the work of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Karl Marx, John Dewey, and Jacques Rancière, I formulate a position called Fractured Social Holism. This is a problematic that attempts to articulate core issues at stake in the debates surrounding the purposes, meanings, and possibilities for politics. Through Fractured Social Holism I articulate a theory of equality that e…Read more
  • Looks at the connections between practices of resistance and political theory.