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Continental Philosophy
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    The Anthrobiogeomorphic Machine: Stalking the Zone of Cinema
    Film-Philosophy 15 (1): 118-139. 2011.
    This article proposes an ecophilosophy of the cinema. It builds on Martin Heidegger’s articulation of art as ‘world-disclosing,’ and on a Whiteheadian and Deleuzian understanding of the universe as a lively and eventful place in which subjects and objects are persistently coming into being, jointly constituted in the process of their becoming. Accordingly, it proposes that cinema be considered a machine that produces or discloses worlds. These worlds are, at once, anthropomorphic, geomorphic, an…Read more
  • Will the real objects of politics please stand up? (review)
    Global Discourse 6 (1-2): 148-151. 2015.