• Tekst stanowi głos w dyskusji dotyczącej filozoficznych wniosków, jakie można wysnuć z systematycznych badań empirycznych nad intuicjami w kwestii odniesienia nazw własnych. Artykuł nawiązuje do słynnych badań Machery’ego i współpracowników, w których zaobserwowali oni różnice międzykulturowe w intuicjach semantycznych Amerykanów i Chińczyków. Autorzy badań używają tego rezultatu, by podać w wątpliwość użyteczność intuicji w sporach filozoficznych dotyczących zagadnienia odniesienia nazw własnyc…Read more
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    Krytyczna analiza badań eksperymentalnych dotyczących kontekstualizmu
    Przeglad Filozoficzny - Nowa Seria 83 (3): 299-314. 2012.
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    In their widely cited article, Swain et al. report data that, purportedly, demonstrates instability of folk epistemic intuitions regarding the famous Truetemp case authored by Keith Lehrer. What they found is a typical example of priming, where presenting one stimulus before presenting another stimulus affects the way the latter is perceived or evaluated. In their experiment, laypersons were less likely to attribute knowledge in the Truetemp case when they first read a scenario describing a clea…Read more
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    The Reference of Proper Names, Semantic Intuitions, and Experimental Philosophy
    Studia Semiotyczne - English Supplement 29 201-247. 2017.
    This paper is a contribution to the debate concerning the kind of philosophical conclusions that can (or cannot) be derived from systematic empirical studies of intuitions about the reference of proper names. The focus of the paper is the famous study by Machery et al. (2004) in which intercultural differences in semantic intuitions between American and Chinese participants were observed. Machery et al. used the obtained results to question the usefulness of intuitions in philosophical discussio…Read more
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    Experimenting on Contextualism: Between-Subjects vs. Within-Subjects
    Teorema: International Journal of Philosophy 36 (3): 139-162. 2017.
    According to contextualism, vast majority of natural-language expressions are context-sensitive. When testing whether this claim is reflected in Folk intuitions, some interesting methodological questions were raised such as: which experimental design is more appropriate for testing contextualism – the within- or the between-subject design? The main thesis of this paper is that the between-subject design should be preferred. The first experiment aims at assessing the difference between the result…Read more
  • O problemach w definiowaniu pojęcia prawa przyrody
    Filozofia Nauki 20 (2). 2012.
    The article is a critical commentary on explication of the notion of law of nature based on the concept of counterfactual proposition. The view in question was originally proposed in the 40’s of past century by Roderick M. Chisholm and Nelson Goodman (further referred to as ‘CG criterion’) and has been popular among philosophers ever since
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    Folk intuitions and the no-luck-thesis
    Episteme 13 (3): 343-358. 2016.
    According to the No-Luck-Thesis knowledge possession is incompatible with luck – one cannot know that p if the truth of one’s belief that p is a matter of luck. Recently, this widespread opinion was challenged by Peter Baumann, who argues that in certain situations agents do possess knowledge even though their beliefs are true by luck. This paper aims at providing empirical data for evaluating Baumann’s hypothesis. The experiment was designed to compare non-philosophers’ judgments concerning kno…Read more