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    Mens Sana Monographs 1 (1): 3. 2003.
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    A lot of Indian research is replicative in nature. This is because originality is at a premium here and mediocrity is in great demand. But replication has its merit as well because it helps in corroboration. And that is the bedrock on which many a fancied scientific hypothesis or theory stands, or falls. However, to go from replicative to original research will involve a massive effort to restructure the Indian psyche and an all round effort from numerous quarters. The second part of this paper …Read more
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    Guidelines, Editors, Pharma And The Biological Paradigm Shift
    Mens Sana Monographs 5 (1): 27. 2007.
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    Obituary-Dr. A. Venkoba Rao
    Mens Sana Monographs 3 (2): 55. 2005.
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    A look at CMAJ: A misty image indeed
    with S. A. Singh
    Mens Sana Monographs 4 (1): 21. 2006.
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    What is a good editorial?
    with Shakuntala Singh
    Mens Sana Monographs 4 (1): 14. 2006.