•  98
    The relations between agency, identification, and alienation
    Philosophical Explorations 16 (3): 243-258. 2013.
    This paper examines the relations between, on the one hand, accounts of the distinction between an agent's identifying with, as opposed to feeling alienated from, their attitudes; and on the other, metaphysical accounts of action. It claims that a commitment to an event-causal conception of agency, which would analyse agency in terms of the causal potency of psychological states and events, appears to render mandatory a particular style of account of identification and alienation – namely, the h…Read more
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    The Metaphysics and Epistemology of Settling: Some Anscombean Reservations
    Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy 56 (6): 625-638. 2013.
    Helen Steward accepts what I call the Separation Thesis, the main tenet of which is that the movements one’s body makes when one acts are the causal results of one’s actions. I claim that this threatens to generate a pair of epistemic shortfalls: first, our perception of others’ bodily movements may not reach to their actions themselves; and, second, our own ‘knowledge in intention’ may not reach to the actual bodily movements in which the efficacy of our actions consists. I suggest we should ad…Read more