• Neuromorphology of Meaning
    with Davide Barbieri
    In Dario Compagno (ed.), Quantitative Semiotic Analysis, Springer Verlag. pp. 55-74. 2018.
    This contribution continues our work on the constitution of visual forms; more specifically, of semiotic plastic forms. We examine emergence from the perspective described by Paolo Fabbri: “unlike logic, the point is not to construct preliminary logical systems and then see how they work in language, but to assemble some very simple units and then observe emergent properties.”. The aim is to “see how, at a certain point, some emergent properties organize themselves and acquire meaning, which is …Read more
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    Differential heterogenesis and the emergence of semiotic function
    with Giovanna Citti and David Piotrowski
    Semiotica 2019 (230): 1-34. 2019.
    In this study, we analyse the notion of “differential heterogenesis” proposed by Deleuze and Guattari on a morphogenetic perspective. We propose a mathematical framework to envisage the emergence of singular forms from the assemblages of heterogeneous operators. In opposition to the kind of differential calculus that is usually adopted in mathematical-physical modelling, which tends to assume a homogeneous differential equation applied to an entire homogeneous region, heterogenesis allows differ…Read more
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    Neurogeometry of Perception: Isotropic and Anisotropic Aspects
    with Giovanna Citti
    Axiomathes. forthcoming.
    In this paper we first recall geometrical models of neurogeometical in Lie groups and we show that geometrical properties of horizontal cortical connectivity can be considered as a neural correlate of a geometry of the visual plane. Then we introduce a new model of non isotropic cortical connectivity modeled on statistics of images. In this way we are able to justify oblique phenomena comparable with experimental findings.