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    Under the Sign of Finitude: Social Philosophy as Empirical Philosophy
    Russian Journal of Philosophical Sciences 6 139-143. 2018.
    This article outlines an approach to social philosophy as empirical philosophy. Each philosophical act is localized and performed by a particular author in a particular context and agenda. Based on ideas of Kant, Heidegger, Foucault, it is suggested to understand this fact through double structure of finitude. On the one hand, social scientist within his finite existence is produced by the complex of instances, each bearing particular existence and historicity, such as language, social patterns,…Read more
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    Historical epistemology
    Epistemology and Philosophy of Science 52 (2): 34-39. 2017.
    The author considers the thesis about the opposition between the universal and particular, and about the retreat of epistemology in their juxtaposition to the transformations in contemporary philosophy during last decades and its links to science studies. He claims that in order to define historical epistemology project a reason to support this project is to be found.