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    Law, Ethics and Space: Space exploration and environmental values
    with Christopher Newman
    Etyka 56 51-74. 2018.
    There is copious scientific and technical literature analysing the issues of the environmental threat to orbital space. There is also now increasing legal awareness of the problems facing the space environment. These inquiries almost always focus on solutions based on processes, technology or providing sufficient alarm to jolt the international community into action. This discussion will adopt a different focus, providing an overview of the value system that is currently in place regarding human…Read more
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    Law, Ethics, and Space: Space Exploration and Environmental Values
    with Christopher J. Newman
    Etyka 56. 2018.
    This paper offers an analysis of the ethical values that have accompanied human exploration of space so far, and emphasizes the need to infuse human space activity with new ethical values by means of new and well-constructed legislation. One of the values that we deem particularly important in the creation of a new approach towards space exploration is care for the natural environment, including the space environment.