•  83
    Two forms of realism in political theory
    European Journal of Political Theory 13 (2): 132-153. 2014.
    This paper explores contemporary debates about the meaning and value of realism in political theory. I seek to move beyond the widespread observation that realism encompasses a diverse set of critiques and commitments, by urging that we recognize two key strands in recent realist thought. Detachment realists claim that political theory is excessively abstract and infeasible and thereby fails adequately to inform actual political decision-making. Displacement critics, on the other hand, suggest t…Read more
  •  54
    Reflective Equilibrium
    Social Theory and Practice 43 (1): 1-28. 2017.
    The paper explores whether the method of reflective equilibrium (RE) in ethics and political philosophy should be individual or public in character. I defend a modestly public conception of RE, in which public opinion is used specifically as a source of considered judgments about cases. Public opinion is superior to philosophical opinion in delivering judgments that are untainted by principled commitments. A case-based approach also mitigates the methodological problems that commonly confront ef…Read more
  •  42
    Political theory and public opinion Against democratic restraint
    Politics, Philosophy and Economics 15 (3): 209-233. 2016.
    How should political theorists go about their work if they are democrats? Given their democratic commitments, should they develop theories that are responsive to the views and concerns of their fellow citizens at large? Is there a balance to be struck, within political theory, between truth seeking and democratic responsiveness? The article addresses this question about the relationship between political theory, public opinion and democracy. I criticize the way in which some political theorists …Read more
  •  60
    Who cares what the people think? Revisiting David Miller’s approach to theorising about justice
    with Andreas Busen, Thomas Schramme, Luke Ulaş, and David Miller
    Contemporary Political Theory 17 (1): 69-104. 2018.