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    Madeleine de Scudéry on conversation and its feminist ends
    British Journal for the History of Philosophy 1-23. forthcoming.
    Madeleine de Scudéry is best remembered as a novelist rather than as a philosopher, but she is both a gifted literary figure and an overlooked philosopher. These roles are, at least in...
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    Astell, friendship, and relational autonomy
    European Journal of Philosophy 29 (2): 487-503. 2021.
    European Journal of Philosophy, EarlyView.
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    Mary Astell on Bad Custom and Epistemic Injustice
    Hypatia 34 (4): 777-801. 2019.
    Mary Astell is a fascinating seventeenth‐century figure whose work admits of many interpretations. One feature of her work that has received little attention is her focus on bad custom. This is surprising; Astell clearly regards bad custom as exerting a kind of epistemic power over agents, particularly women, in a way that limits their intellectual capacities. This article aims to link two contemporary sociopolitical/social‐epistemological projects by showing how a seventeenth‐century thinker an…Read more