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    Philipp Frank––physicist, philosopher, and early member of the Vienna Circle––is often neglected in retrospective accounts of twentieth century philosophy of science, despite renewed interest in the work of the Vienna Circle. In this thesis, I argue that this neglect is unwarranted. Appealing to a variety of philosophical and historical sources, I trace the development of Frank’s philosophical thought and, in so doing highlight the roles played by history, sociology, values, and pragmatism in hi…Read more
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    Simplicity and scientific progress in the philosophy of Philipp Frank
    Studies in East European Thought 69 (3): 245-255. 2017.
    Philipp Frank was a central figure in the Vienna Circle, but his ideas vary significantly from those of his peers. Despite the growing body of literature on Frank, his account of simplicity has not yet received the attention it deserves even though it succinctly captures many of the most distinctive elements of Frank’s philosophy of science. This is because Frank’s account of simplicity is not restricted to the epistemology of scientific theories; his treatment of simplicity provides us with a w…Read more
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    Yes, There Is a Problem: What Is to Be Done about the Climate for Women in Philosophy?
    Hopos: The Journal of the International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science 3 (1): 146-150. 2013.