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    Hegel on Second Nature in Ethical Life
    Cambridge University Press. 2017.
    What does it take to be subjectively free in an objectively rational social order? In this book Andreja Novakovic offers a fresh interpretation of Hegel's account of ethical life by focusing on his concept of habit or 'second nature'. Novakovic addresses two central and difficult issues facing any interpretation of his Philosophy of Right: why Hegel thinks that it is is better to relate unreflectively to the laws of ethical life, and which forms of reflection, especially critical reflection, rem…Read more
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    Lived freedom in critical theory: On Todd Hedrick's Reconciliation and Reification
    European Journal of Philosophy 28 (2): 518-523. 2020.
    European Journal of Philosophy, EarlyView.
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    Hegel's Anthropology
    In Dean Moyar (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Hegel, Oxford University Press. pp. 407-423. 2017.