•  8
    Putting sociobiology in its place
    with Garland E. Allen
    Behavioral and Brain Sciences 10 (1): 76-77. 1987.
  •  30
    “Just So” stories and sociopathy
    with Garland E. Allen
    Behavioral and Brain Sciences 18 (3): 557-558. 1995.
    Sociobiological explanation requires both a reliable and a valid definition of the sociopathy phenotype. Mealey assumes that such reliable and valid definition of sociopathy exists in her A review of psychiatric literature on the diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder clearly demonstrates that this assumption is faulty. There is substantial disagreement among diagnostic systems (e.g., RDC, DSM-III) over what constitutes the antisocial phenotype, different systems identify different individ…Read more
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    Men are not born to rape
    with Sabrina Zirkel
    Behavioral and Brain Sciences 15 (2): 385-386. 1992.